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As the world's first online digital accountant, we have ushered in the next generation of accounting, tax, payroll and compliance services. We achieved the impossible, creating a significantly superior service at a superior price. Let us take care of all your accounting/tax/payroll so that you can focus on your business.

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Why all the hype? Why is Osidon superior to other accounting firms?

Comparing Osidon to other accounting firms is almost like comparing a donkey cart to a car, or a candle to a lightbulb. Osidon is the next generation of accounting services, the first of its kind. Our exclusive and unique technology catapulted us light years ahead of the best in the industry.


Superior Service

Our systems track every single task and detail of our service to clients. The system ensures everything happens on time and correctly and keeps every staff member accountable in their responsibilities. It prevents anything from slipping through the cracks. The advance monitoring capability of our proprietary technology ensures a level of efficiency that is unheard of and makes it possible to deliver an unmatched service. Our clients get value for money and the peace of mind that entrepreneurs deserve.

Superior Transparency

Our clients can log in to our system from any device and see exactly what they are paying for. Every single detail regarding their service and compliance is tracked and displayed in an easy-to-use web application. If we don't perform on par, our clients are the first to know. Others call it crazy to have this much transparency. We call it a long-overdue necessity to put our client first and build a great trust relationship.

Superior Technological Automation

Our custom-built systems using the latest technology is exclusive to Osidon and cannot be used by any other accounting firm. We use these systems to automate much of our work-flow so our staff can focus more on our clients. Automating work-flow with technology saves time and eliminates errors and increases accuracy and reliability. Our technology makes it possible to provide a significantly superior service, but also at a much more affordable price.

Superior Staff

Becoming a staff member of Osidon is not easy. Using the latest science and technology, we only recruit from the top 30% of the most talented people in the world. Rigorous testing is done to ensure our staff members are a cut above the rest. Once employed, our system monitors every detail of our employees' work, including feedback from the clients they work with. All system data feeds back into a robust KPI system that is highly incentivised. Staff members that are doing a great job based on their KPIs earn extra money every month. Each staff member also receives monthly feedback from management to grow and continuously improve their performance. We invest heavily in our staff members, we believe they are our greatest asset.

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We are registered, licensed and accredited:

All of our accounting staff is either a licensed CPA or IRS enrolled agent or working under the direct supervision of one. Osidon is also an official corporate partner of the Institute of Management Accountants in the USA. Our system also integrates seamlessly with our technology partners Xero and Gusto.

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Not only a superior service, but also a superior price

from only $ /mo

Our all inclusive packages can include the following.

Designated Human Accountant

Access to our exclusive software system that does all the heavy lifting (our online digital accountant)

Xero Online Accounting Software that is managed and monitored by both our human accounting staff as well as our exclusive online digital accountant.

We do all your state, federal, sales tax and employee tax returns.

We do all your accounting and compile your Annual Financial Statements.

We do your payroll and give you free access to Gusto payroll software that integrates seamlessly with our system.

We give you great advice on all accounting, tax and payroll matters.

We do your monthly management reports, tax structuring, budgets and conduct management reviews with you.

No long term contracts. We work on a month-to-month basis only. One fixed price per month with no hidden fees.

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How can I monitor the services you provide?

As a client, you will be able to log into our system and have a full and live overview of every little detail of the services we provide and the compliance of your business. You can easily see what your accountant is doing, find important documents and information and access a range of value-added services.


Are your services really all-inclusive?

Yes, we match our services to the size and needs of the company. We make sure, when a client signs up for our services, all of their accounting, tax, and payroll is taken care of. We believe that entrepreneurs should focus on their business and not on compliance.


How do I get started?

You simply scroll down and complete the form on this page. This will create an online account and in a couple of steps will give you an instant online quote and make it possible to sign up for our service with a couple of clicks. From there, your brand new designated accountant will contact you and start your world-class service.


Why are your services so much more affordable than other accounting firms?

We have developed advanced software systems using the latest technology. These systems automate a lot of our work and enable our staff members to focus on important tasks. This makes it possible to deliver a better service to clients and bring down costs significantly.

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